What is vertebroplasty (Bone Cement Reinforcement)?

Vertebroplasty is a procedure of stabilizing fractured vertebrae with bone cement. The procedure is also known as the “bone cement reinforcement.” The doctors insert a needle into the fractured vertebra while monitoring its placement with a fluoroscope. Once the needle is placed at the exact spot, the doctors will slowly inject bone cement into the vertebra. It takes around 15 minutes for the cement to solidify, and then the procedure is completed. Patients who undergo vertebroplasty can wear a brace and walk immediately after the procedure.

Characteristics of vertebroplasty

• Strengthens the spinal bone and prevents further bone fracture
• Procedure takes about 20 minutes with a simple local anesthesia
• Short hospital stay for up to 2 days
• Back pain disappears immediately after the treatment
• Minimal side effects

Spine Compression Fracture

Spine Filled with Bone Cement