Injection Treatment

Injection Treatment

Medial Branch Block

What is a medial branch block?

Medial Branch Block is a procedure of injecting drug near medial branch nerves. The treatment is safe and highly effective. Doctors use an image intensifier, C-ARM, to find the nerves that cause pain.

Condition that require medial branch block

Inflammatory substances and other elements that irritate the nerves may accumulate around the medial branch nerves. Sometimes, high contraction of the blood vessels near the medial branch nerves causes blood flow interruption, oxygen deficiency, and ischemia. In both cases, a patient may experience a severe lower back and a leg pain.

For such patient mentioned above, Medial Branch Block may be the best option for treating the pain safely and effectively in a short period of time.

Finding the nerve that causes pain with C-Arm

 The advantages of medial branch block

• The procedure takes only about 5 minutes
• Patient experiences a minimal discomfort during the procedure
• Hospital stay is not required
• Patient can return to daily life immediately
• Most pain disappears immediately after the procedure

Injecting drug near the medial branch nerve

Precautions for medial branch block

If a patient is planning to be or is pregnant, the patient must inform the medical staff

Medial branch block at Nanoori Hospital

• The treatment is highly effective
• Can treat chronic lumbar pain effectively when combined with physical therapy.
• Even the patients with an acute back sprain can walk immediately after the treatment

The doctors at nanoori hospital are well known for operating medial branch block treatment with great results and high satisfaction rates for the patients.

Injection Treatment

Epidural Block

The Epidural Block is often used as a nonsurgical treatment for the spinal stenosis. Epidural Block is a procedure of injecting anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drug into epidural spine. The doctors use an image intensifier, C-ARM before injecting the drug. Epidural Block is an excellent treatment that can be done in a short period of time, and has a high patient  satisfaction. If a patient feels a severe pain and experiences difficulty in performing daily tasks, then the patient must receive a surgical treatment.

Epidural branch block