Our 1st FREE clinic succeeded!


Our 1st FREE clinic succeeded!


The busy and fulfilling two-day clinic has ended successfully! Today, I will guide you through the journey that happened last week at Nanoori Hospital shanghai.

Personal guide for registration

Each visitor who made an appointment was immediately assigned with a customer service staff to help them register.


Lucky wheel, winning rate of 100%

After the registration was a lucky wheel with a winning rate of 100%. The gifts included free MRI coupons, 70% and 30% discount on MRI scan coupons, umbrellas, eco-bags, and more.


Special service before a consultation

After the lucky wheel awaited the blood pressure and blood sugar level test, which was followed by a consultation with a doctor for a diagnosis and a treatment.

Members of Cherish-Yearn

The members of our strategic partner, Cherish-Yearn, also paid a visit by the car service provided by the hospital.



Some heart-warming details

Our kind staff delivered the lucky wheel to our patient with discomfort in her legs.
Snacks and teas were prepared for the guests who came with an empty stomach.

The first free clinic event in Nanoori Hospital Shanghai was completed with success, and future activities will only get better.

If you missed out on this event, do not worry! On November 23rd, 2019, there will be another free clinic event to celebrate the first anniversary of Nanoori Hospital Shanghai and give thanks to our customers and partners who supported us throughout the year. The only difference from the previous event will be the higher discount rate!