Dr.Kim Shares His Love with the Senior Citizens

Dr.Kim Shares His Love with the Senior Citizens

Life in Shanghai can be exciting. Shanghai is one of the most international cities in the world, where global expositions, performances, meetups, and many other cultural events are held throughout a year.

Life in Shanghai can also be tough. The streets are busy, public transportations are jammed with commuters, living expenses are high, and work can be stressful.

Either way, Shanghai is full of life. Well, at least, for younger generations. There are certain people who cannot enjoy the city as much as we do. They are older generations in the Korean community, who sacrificed their lives in Korea and came to the city with their children, in order to take care of their grandchildren. Many of these elderlies do not speak Chinese, so it is very difficult for them to travel outside of their comfort zone, so-called “Korea Town”. They spend most of their time at home, taking care of the house, preparing food for the family, while their children are at work, and grandchildren, at school. They look after their family so that their children can live their lives in Shanghai. Yet, they are easily neglected, and sometimes, taken for granted.

Luckily, we have Pastor Kim Ban Seok at Jihye (Wisdom) University to help them. Jihye University is the name of a community, where Korean senior residents in Shanghai gather to learn physical exercises, art, dance and singing every Tuesdays from 10:30 in the morning until noon. Pastor Kim has been helping the seniors to revitalize and spend their time with friends.

On May 21st, 2019, Dr. Kim Nam Ki, the director of Joint Center at Nanoori Hospital visited Jihye University to give the senior citizens a lecture on maintaining healthy joints and provide useful tips.

Here are some notes from Dr. Kim’s lecture. You can also share these information with your parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends.

Your knee joint degenerates as you age. Given our current medical technology, no food or medicine can yet help you fully regenerate cartilage. Hence, the best way to protect your cartilage is to prevent its damage by developing a healthy habit:

1. First, avoid lifting a heavy object. However, if you cannot avoid the situation, you must bend your knees, hold the object close to your chest, then use your leg muscle to lift the object.

2. Maintain a healthy weight. If you gain weight, your knee will feel three times as much pressure as your weight gain. For example, if you gain 1kg, your knee joint will feel a 3kg added weight.

3. Do not kneel down or sit in a position that places too much weight on your knees. This will damage your knee cartilage.

4. As you age, it is crucial to strengthen your muscles to support your bones.

5. Walk up the stairs, ride down the elevator. Walking up the stairs help you strengthen your leg muscles. However, walking down the stairs may give impact to your knee joints. Therefore, when you         go down, take an elevator. Same goes for climbing the mountain. When climbing up, your leg muscles can become stronger. However, when you walk down, be sure to use two poles, one on each     hand, to support your weight and balance.

Our wonderful students of the day gave their full attention to Dr. Kim Nam Ki and actively participated in answering questions. They were livelier than any other students at school!

Life in Shanghai is both exciting and tough. However, without support from your family and without good health, you cannot live it to the fullest.

It’s better late than never. We shall start thinking about our beloved ones who quietly support us, unnoticed. Express your gratitude, share Dr. Kim’s lessons, and start developing healthy habits to enjoy your lives to the fullest! Also remember, Nanoori Hospital Shanghai is always there to support you!