Clinical activity for Cherish-Yearn’s elders

Clinical activity for Cherish-Yearn’s elders

This morning, Dr. Jang JeeSoo, Dr. Lee Keun, and Dr. Li Jun from Nanoori Hospital visited Cherish-Yearn, the Apartment for the Elderly, to “deliver health.”

Five minutes before the lecture started, the members of Cherish-Yearn were already seated in desks with their notebooks and pens in position.

At nine o’clock, Dr. Jang JeeSoo gave his lecture. The lecture was mainly about Spinal Stenosis and Osteoporosis. The “students” at Cherish-Yearn paid their full attention, eagerly taking down the notes not to miss single information.

The lecture lasted for an hour, but the members of Cherish-Yearn looked very alert throughout the lecture. A lot of members were very engaged asking questions during the Q&A. Of course, Dr. Jang JeeSoo gave his best to answer their questions. After a short break, Dr. Li Jun led the members to practice ten different exercises that can strengthen neck muscles and improve cervical vertebra. Our lovely members of Cherish-Yearn carefully followed Dr. Li Jun’s instructions.

Finally, Dr. Jang JeeSoo, Dr. Lee Keun, and Dr. Li Jun gave a free consultation for the members of Cherish-Yearn. Some of the members even Brought their images from the X-Ray and MRI Scanning, while others explained the pains they currently have.

The members of Cherish-Yearn opened up their hearts to the doctors from Nanoori Hospital, who attentively listen to the members’ concerns. The consultation seemed like one big family discussing each other’s health.

Happy times always pass quickly. The event ended in warmth and gratitude. Though, this is only a beginning. Today’s doctors’ visit from Nanoori Hospital to Cherish-Yearn was the first collaborative event held together since the signing ceremony, and such an event will continue to be held in the future. Life is not short. Nanoori Hospital’s mission is to do the utmost to provide the medical care that can help the members of Cherish-Yearn enjoy their lives in health.