Nanoori Hospital Shanghai

Nanoori Hospital Shanghai


Nanoori Hospital provides ‘tailored therapy’ based on each and every patient’s age, health condition, and personal requests. We provide medical services ranging from exercise therapy to minimally invasive surgeries for the spine and joint treatment.

The spine center, joint center, non-surgical treatment center, and the internal medicine department at Nanoori Hospital always cooperate to provide the best-suited treatment for each patient.

“One-Stop” Treatment

Nanoori Hospital provides “One-Stop” medical treatment, which allows a patient to receive a medical check-up, doctor’s consultation, and a surgical/non-surgical treatment on the same day of a visit.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Nanoori Hospital is receiving worldwide recognition for its expertise in minimally invasive surgical treatment through academic research publications and global conferences.

Minimally Invasive Surgery at Nanoori Hospital

• Barely visible scar
• Short operation time
• The high success rate at Nanoori Hospital
• Dramatically reduced pain

• Improvement in daily function and quality of life
• Improvement in posture and aesthetics
• Quick recovery
• Short hospital stay

Systematic Rehabilitation

Nanoori Hospital Shanghai provides both Exercise Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Exercise Therapy treats the spine and joint condition by improving the functionality of the muscles surrounding the bone. As patients use their muscles to exercise, they can improve muscular strength, endurance, and range of motion.

Physical therapy is the rehabilitative medical treatment using various physical agents such as heat, light, electricity, ultrasound, and exercise.

Along with the surgical treatments, Nanoori Hospital Shanghai provides person- alized pain management and rehabilitation system that can help patients to recover fundamentally.